The Government of Pakistan through the years has implemented numerous projects/ programs that have generated a wealth of knowledge. This knowledge has the potential to guide future health -policies, -programs and -research by providing the basis for an evidence-based approach at the policy, strategic and implementation levels.

Pakistan Health Knowledge Hub (PHKH) is a repository of information for the health sector nation-wide. PHKH archives various public and private sector reports/ documents/ papers in a user-friendly and easily searchable format.

PHKH functions as a technical resource facility to facilitate better and faster decision making by enabling policy developers, decision-makers, academics, researchers, students and members of the general public to search for relevant information and resources.

PHKH enables communication of important public sector information, that is not generally available, widely and quickly. It also helps in the reuse of ideas, documents, and expertise especially to avoid duplication of effort and repetition of mistakes.

Data Structure

Health topic categorization and distribution for PHKH follows the general guidance provided by the National Health Vision (NHV) 2016-2025. The vision document lays down the strategic foundation for health sector reform planning and serves as a roadmap for the development of a prosperous and healthy Pakistan. The distribution of health topics on PHKH is primarily arranged according to the eight thematic pillars as listed in NHV 2016-25. These are:



Health Financing

Packaging Health Services

Human Resources for Health

Health Information System and Research

Essential Medicines & Technology

Cross-Sectoral Linkages

Global Health Responsibilities